Discussing the Alberta Prosperity Project's UCP leadership debate

Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid and Sydney Fizzard break down the recent United Conservative Party leadership debate along with the most pressing issues facing Albertans.

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On yesterday's Rebel News live stream, Sheila Gunn Reid and Sydney Fizzard discussed the recent United Conservative Party leadership debate hosted by the Alberta Prosperity Project. Rebel News' own Ezra Levant was also present at the event to pose questions to the candidates.

Frontrunners Danielle Smith, Todd Loewen, and Brian Jean squared off in a spirited debate that surprised Sheila and Sydney. As stated by Sheila, "these guys absolutely roasted Ottawa. They were, as we said in the morning meeting, talking like pundits instead of politicians which I think is probably better because it's a little more candid."

Speaking on the pressing issues facing Albertans and potential independence, Sydney chimed in saying, "once you come here to Alberta and you see the people and you talk to them and you find out a little bit more about the issues that they're advocating for, you really do see that they've been given the short end of the stick for a very long time. And you find out about situations like equalization..."

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