Doug Ford shows no leadership in Caledonia crisis | David Menzies with Ezra Levant

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Yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show delved deeper into the seemingly never-ending protests in Caledonia, Ontario, where things recently took a turn towards violence once again, with agitators attacking a police cruiser, digging up a road and overturning a stolen school bus to create a barricade.

Rebel reporter David Menzies visited the site of the protests, speaking with demonstrators and townspeople, trying to shed some more light and provide, as Rebel is known for, the other side of the story.

David had made a trip to Caledonia in August, but turned away when his security suggested he leave the area, with the demonstrators becoming increasingly aggressive towards him. 

So why did David return? Well, as he told Ezra:

What got our interest up was the fact that there was lots of social media chatter that [Black Lives Matter] and Antifa people were bussed in from Toronto, which they were.

These are the paid professional protesters who don't want a peaceful resolution, they love anarchy and they joined the Native agitators — and it's not all Natives that are gung-ho with this movement, I should point out  and the idea, the threat was, we are marching past the OPP barricade right down Argyle Street to the bridge and we are going to do whatever we want.

We are going to steal what we want, burn what we want, destroy what we want. So we heard this and thought we've got to go there.

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