Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Trump running again, Ukraine and more

The former presidential adviser gave his opinion on whether Trump would run again in 2024 and what he would do to resolve the Ukraine crisis.

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After president Trump's speech wrapped up, I had the chance to speak with one of the former president's advisers, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. I spoke to the former adviser-turned-media personality about what he thought America should do regarding the Ukraine crises, something Gorka says won't happen because we have a “senile old man in the White House.”

Nevertheless, Gorka explained four things the U.S. could do to help solve the crisis:

  1. Unleash the U.S. energy sector
  2. Move troops to the border of Ukraine
  3. Provide the biggest airlift of lethal military equipment
  4. Provide intelligence to the Ukrainian government on Russian movement

Dr. Gorka gave his prediction on whether Trump will run again in 2024, and what needs to be done for him to come to that decision.

He says that Trump gave his 2024 campaign platform during the speech, when he said “whether it is banning critical race theory in the schools, whether it is protecting our children from the transgender radical activists point by point by point he gave us his campaign platform for 2024.”

You can see more of Dr. Sebastien Gorka on his website, SebGorka.com.

If you want to see more of our CPAC coverage, please go to RebelCPAC.com for more videos.

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