WATCH: The moment Rebel News saw illegal migrants crossing Rio Grande via boat

On location in Eagle Pass, Texas, Alexa Lavoie and Lincoln Jay interviewed illegal migrants crossing the border into the United States.

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My Rebel News colleague Lincoln Jay and I embarked on a Jan. 30 mission to the southern border of America, in Texas, following the Supreme Court ruling between Governor Gregg Abbott and the Biden administration. The court ruled that federal agents would be allowed to cut the razor wires installed along the border by Abbott, if necessary. Despite this, the governor has stated that he will continue to protect his border, no matter what.

On the ground, it is alleged that the number of illegal crossings has significantly decreased since Governor Abbott took over the Shelby Park land near the border town of Eagle Pass on January 11, in order to make it as secure as possible. Despite this, miles away from Eagle Pass, there is a small town called Quemado where illegal immigrants are allegedly crossing into the U.S.

During the investigation, the Rebel team on the ground encountered Luis Valderrama, a former border patrol agent, and his nephew Ethan. They led our team to a spot where apparently, thousands of migrants had crossed previously. On the hill, the team caught on camera a boat full of migrants as they crossed over the Rio Grande river from Mexico to Texas. Lincoln and I rushed down the hill to try to interview the migrants.

The migrants freshly out of the high grass told us they were from countries including Honduras, Ecuador, and Mexico. Among them was a 10-year-old boy traveling by himself. "My mother is already dead," he said.

"I don't have anyone to stay with back there [Mexico], so that's why I came [to the U.S.]," said a woman from Honduras explaining the situation she experienced in her country. "Lots of racism, lots of malpractice, so that's why I decided to cross," she added. 

A man from Mexico who tried to pass through the fence when he saw us explained why he had decided to come to the USA. "I come to ask for help with them [other migrants]. I don't have family, but I have problems from where I am from. There is much delinquency, not too long ago the mafia dropped in where we were staying, and to be honest, they extorted everyone."

With them were three young women from Ecuador, two of them carrying babies. One of them mentioned not knowing who the father of her baby was. "No one's running. They just come across with little babies and all that kind of stuff, and Border Patrol's job is just to gather them. I mean, they're not running, they gather them, load them up in their vehicles, take them to the processing centers, and release them," said Valderrama.

The full interview with Luis Valderrama will be released soon, and you don’t want to miss it. Go to and stay tuned.

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