Edmonton protesters react to Premier Kenney's Sky Palace “working dinner”

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Every Saturday afternoon in Edmonton, a small crowd of anti-lockdown protesters takes to the Alberta legislature grounds. It's a weekly pilgrimage to the very place where public health restrictions are announced and then imposed on Albertans.

And, as it turns out, it's the very place where many of the politicians' own public health restrictions are ignored by those same politicians!

Last week, photographs surfaced online showing Premier Jason Kenney and senior members of his cabinet, including Health Minister Tyler Shandro, enjoying a couple of drinks on the premier's private rooftop patio in the controversial Sky Palace penthouse.

In Alberta, Kenney's current restrictions limit outdoor dining to just four people from the same household. As far as we know, Jason Kenney does not currently reside with Finance Minister Travis Toews.

So what's the deal with the “rules for thee and not for me,” as David Menzies likes to say? 

Rebel News reporter Daniel Day was at the legislature grounds on Saturday to ask the protesters what they thought of the hypocrisy of the politicians who were caught breaking the rules in the building right in front of their protest.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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