Emergencies Act witnesses run away from scrutiny | Emergencies Act Inquiry Day 2 recap

“We’ll continue ignoring your questions,” a handler for Zexi Li, the Ottawa woman behind the no-honking injunction, told Rebel News after Li’s testimony before the Public Order Emergencies Act Inquiry.

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Catherine McKenney, mayoral candidate for Ottawa, and Zexi Li, the precipitator of the lawsuit to prevent truckers from honking their air horns during the February freedom convoy to the nation’s capital, ran away from Rebel News’ William Diaz-Berthiaume’s questions.

The inquiry is examining the Federal government’s use of the never-before-deployed Emergencies Act to euthanize the peaceful, nearly four-week-long Freedom Convoy to Ottawa protest last February when thousands of truckers and their supporters descended on city to peacefully demonstrate against vaccine passports and other covid lockdown measures. 

McKenney, during her testimony, spoke at length about what she claims is the trauma Ottawa residents felt throughout the protest. She complained of smells, noise, traffic conjunction and verbal harassment though a video shown during testimony that McKenney took of herself wandering the streets around the convoy location showed no honking, an open lane of traffic and no truckers responding to her rants.

McKenney also refused to admit, as the Ottawa Police discovered, that a previous arson attempt at an Ottawa apartment building wasn’t related to the convoy, as earlier media reports alleged.

 “I disagree,” the councillor said. 

McKenney was caught on a hot mic whispering strategies to her fellow councilor, Mathieu Fleury, while he was testifying. “Respond in french,” McKenney advised Fleury to a question posed in English by a lawyer for the convoy, Brendan Miller. 

“Don’t fall for it,” McKenney whispered. 

Zexi Li, the first witness to testify in the inquiry,  stated that more crimes were occurring during the convoy protests. That claim stands in contrast to an Ottawa Police admission first reported by Blacklock’s that crime rate went down by 90% while the protest was occurring. 

Li also remarked that off color snow in the street was evidence that protesters were urinating and defecating publicly. 

Li’s co-witness, Victoria De La Ronde, also testified that since the convoy, she has been hearing “phantom honks,” and “phantom smells” and slept with a mask on during the time the protest was in Ottawa.  

To view the key moments of the day, watch the report below. Visit www.TruckerCommission.com to see all of Rebel News’ reports from the Public Order Emergency Inquiry and to support our independent, viewer-supported journalism.

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