Environmental conservatism? Derek Sloan on why Trudeau won in 2019

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The 2020 Conservative Party leadership race is almost coming to an end.

Mail-in ballots must be received by August 21 to be admissible, yet that hasn’t stopped one particular candidate from making his rounds throughout the greater Vancouver area in British Columbia.

Have you noticed that unlike other opponents, such as Peter MacKay, whose “winning strategy” seems to be running away from answering tough questions, others like MP Derek Sloan have jumped at the opportunity to face the questions head on?

This past Sunday and Monday, leadership candidate Derek Sloan attended in-person events across the greater Vancouver area. The events opened the floor for Sloan to answer any question attendees fired at him. There was also a ballot drop off option for those who wished to finalize their votes after meeting Sloan, or just preferred have Sloan’s team hand deliver them to Ottawa, rather than mail them in.

I attended Sloan’s Burnaby, BC event on Sunday. I asked him questions like what he would do as Prime Minister to prevent non mainstream media outlets like Rebel News from being banned from places we try and report at, and why he is the only candidate taking such a firm stance against the United Nations Paris agreement.

I also asked some of the attendants of the event fun questions like what will the Conservative Party mean to them if Sloan were to lose and someone like Peter MacKay was to win instead. You know, since MacKay so modestly told us he was already winning anyways.

I think you will enjoy watching to see some of the answers given.

If you like our journalism, be sure to head to LetUsReport.com to help fund our legal costs to battle groups like the Alberta Legislature Press Gallery, who are quick to ban some of our reporters from being able to do just that.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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