“It’s called winning!” Peter MacKay tells Rebel News reporter — after hiding in bathroom

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Peter MacKay’s campaign jumped off the rails.

It was a strange night after the French debate – according to the CPAC translation of the Conservative Party candidates, Peter MacKay called the conservative Premier of Alberta an “angry man.”

It was stunning. Jason Kenney had endorsed MacKay’s opponent, Erin O’Toole, but that sort of tear-down name calling seemed absurd for someone trying to portray themselves as the dignified statesman. Unbelievably, that wasn’t even the lowest he stooped that night.

After the debates, telephone press conferences were being held – social distancing requirements!

Telephone press conferences have left a sour taste in my mouth after spending 22 hours of my life on call with Trudeau and always being ignored.

So I stood outside the press conference room – ready to ask Peter MacKay questions, in the event I was not selected.

Of course that was the right call, as Peter MacKay was only given about half the amount that O’Toole answered. It’s not clear if that was arranged with the Party or not – regardless, I was outside the room waiting to pounce.

When MacKay left – I began my line of questioning. How could he claim to be the “unity” candidate, and tear down the leading conservative voice in Canada, the Premier of Alberta?

That’s when things got out of hand. His staff member Chisholm Pothier lost it – claiming that I was some sort of evil white supremacist for asking this question. Going on and on, excitedly running about, defaming me. Bouncing around like a kid who had eaten too many Pop Rocks, Pothier directed his boss to the bathroom in an attempt to flee. Potty Break Peter.

Pothier is an interesting character – after MacKay’s very rocky start to his communications plan in the early days of the campaign, he is the sixth person to hold this position in the campaign.

But you’ll see in the video, after MacKay had his 15 second potty break, they continued running away. Perhaps Potty Break Peter had another helicopter to catch and abuse.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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