European elections show pro-peace conservatives forces gaining ground, Orbán says

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán believes Donald Trump's victory in November could bring peace.

European elections show pro-peace conservatives forces gaining ground, Orbán  says
AP Photo/Denes Erdos
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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated the results of the European elections demonstrate that pro-peace conservative forces have achieved half of their objectives so far, believing all that remains is for Donald Trump to win in the United States presidential election in November.

"The (European Parliament) elections were an opportunity to slow the drift towards war. If you look at it from here, it was what we wanted," Orbán said. He pointed out that in France, the pro-war process has been halted, with the pro-peace party winning by such a margin that a new parliamentary election had to be called, Remix News reports.

"We are waiting for President Donald Trump to deliver the second half in the United States, and then we will have peace," Orbán added.

Hungarian political analyst Bence Ákos Gát highlighted in an X post that Orbán mentioned the possibility of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) allying with Identity and Democracy (ID), which could become the European Parliament's second-largest coalition.

Orbán also emphasized the record-breaking support for his Fidesz-KDNP party in the EU parliamentary election, with more than 2 million votes, amounting to 44.6% of the total votes cast in Hungary.

He thanked the voters "who set this fantastic record" and noted that Hungary's 57% turnout "puts us in the top league" and demonstrates that "Hungarian democracy is alive and well."

Looking ahead to the 2026 Hungarian parliamentary elections, the prime minister stressed the importance of focusing on restarting economic growth, controlling inflation, protecting pensions, maintaining full employment, and ensuring financial support for the relaunched home creation program.

"You cannot govern per campaign logic, governing is about the peaceful everyday life of the country, but at the same time we must keep an eye on the question of war and peace, because if we get bogged down in it, everything will float away," Orbán warned.

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