EXCLUSIVE: Undercover at the World Health Summit

Rebel News shows its first undercover video of a man who works for global health, and the pandemic prevention of Africa. 

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A shocking but revealing interview. Rebel News travelled to Germany to cover all aspects of the 2022 Global Health Summit. This is the first year that there is a partnership between the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Health Summit (WHS). 

About 300 speakers were invited with about 3000 participants. People from different backgrounds, from all over the world, came here to Berlin to hear what the elite and the oligarchs have to say about people's health.

Many of the key people in the decision-making process of the pandemic response joined the three-day event. Several lectures were offered, but none of them addressed the harmful effects and consequences of strongly recommending global containment.

None of the speakers talked about consent and ethics in the scientific and medical fields. Many of the topics discussed were primarily a mix of science and politics, but isn't that the failure of this whole response to this pandemic? 

This non-dissociation of the politicians and experts who imposed and regulated the pandemic through the recommendations made by public health and the WHO. 

We had the chance to infiltrate the heart of these hypocritical political and medical confines. Is their way of leading and working consistent with their way of thinking? I had the opportunity to speak with a member of parliament who works for global health and pandemic prevention for Africa. 

A discussion that reveals a lot of information that many people would like to hear. Policy decisions that are not based on science to confine thousands of people. 

The reasons why it was urgent to create new vaccines instead of taking a drug, which already exists to treat the disease, and much more. Follow our coverage related to the global health summit at RebelWHO.com.

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