Ezra Levant and Billboard Chris react to confrontation with pro-trans activist

'The added bonus to this is that I put these video clips up on Twitter and they've been seen millions of times. So this is helping to educate people on how to talk about this,' said Chris Elston.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Chris Elston — also known as 'Billboard Chris' — joined the show to break down a recent interaction he had with a pro-trans activist in Chicago. The laughing activist challenged Elston's assertion that children cannot consent to puberty blockers.

Speaking about the interaction, Ezra Levant said, "I think you told her things she had never heard before. You put ideas to her and facts to her she had never seen before. And I'm not saying you changed her mind, but I think for the first time ever, she heard a dissident message as opposed to just the regime narrative."

Elston spoke about the confrontation saying, "For someone with that mindset, it's impossible in that moment for them to admit anything. But you can see some of this nervous laughter. So I know she goes home and starts thinking about some of these things more."

"I had my phone on a tripod filming, and she came up to play Disney music into my phone so that I wouldn't be able to play back the recording. She said that I would get a DMCA takedown, a copyright notice. So this is what these activists are trying to do to stop people from showing their footage," added Elston.

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