My interview with Geert Wilders (2017)

Ezra Levant travelled to Europe for an exclusive interview with Geert Wilders

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Last year I went to Sweden to see the effect of mass Muslim migration on that country. Tonight I’ll show you some of what I saw on that trip:

For instance, I went to Malmo, which is now majority Muslim.

I also talked to a Somali refugee who actually wants to be Swedish — but many native Swedes hate themselves, and many Muslim migrants hate Sweden.

I’m actually in Europe right now. (I recorded this show when I was still in Toronto.)

But tonight I’ll show you my exclusive sit-down with Geert Wilders, the leading candidate to win next month’s Dutch elections.

That interview was the main reason for my trip, but there will be lots more to show you next week, from our stop in Paris and more.

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