Ezra Levant joins GB News to discuss proposed Australian censorship laws

'Freedom of speech is the fundamental freedom, the strategic freedom upon which all the other freedoms are based,' said Ezra.

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On July 1, Rebel Commander Ezra Levant made an appearance on Britain’s GB News, where he discussed with host Calvin Robinson how tech giants could face billions of pounds in fines for failing to tackle disinformation under proposed Australian laws, which would bring mandatory standards to the little regulated sector.

Ezra shared his concerns about what laws like this could mean for freedom of speech, which he said is the "fundamental freedom, the strategic freedom upon which all the other freedoms are based."

He explained what this bill would mean on a practical level:

If you are an official approved government source, you're exempt from this misinformation and disinformation law. So let's put this into practicality, for example, another so-called pandemic. Yes, the mainstream media can say whatever they like but small outlets and individuals will be censored. That's right. And there's no religious exemption either. So what a pastor says, if his church services streamed on Facebook or youtube, as many are, that is covered by this law, there's no religious exemption.

Ezra also talked about an even more draconian proposed law in Ireland:

And we've seen laws in Ireland being proposed that say if you have a meme, like a funny quirky joke, even if it's in your email or if it's in an old social media post if it could cause offence, likely to in the future to cause offence that that is, that in itself is against the law, no one has to actually be offended...and these are happening all across the anglo sphere, including here in the UK.

Once again, he stressed the importance of freedom of speech:

And one of the first things they do in tyranny is take away your right to talk back. And what use is an election if there's no free speech? What use is freedom of association if there's no free speech? It is the freedom upon which all the others are based.

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