I just arrived in the Netherlands — will they stop Geert Wilders from becoming prime minister?

Wilders' party won the most votes in the Dutch election one week ago, but he still needs to form a coalition in order to govern.

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I just landed in the Netherlands. My goal: to meet up with Geert Wilders. He’s the anti-immigration political leader who stunned observers with a massive win in last week’s Dutch elections.

Wilders now leads the largest party in the Dutch parliament. It’s still not big enough to form a government on his own — in the Netherlands, governments are usually coalitions. But the other parties seem determined to deny Wilders his democratic victory, at all costs.

I can see why: if Wilders were to take office, it would be an earthquake in Europe, surely inspiring citizens in other countries to vote against open borders globalism. The establishment will do anything to stop him.

I interviewed Wilders a few years ago, and when I wrote to him last week, he said he’d be happy to be interviewed again — but of course, he’s so busy. I saw on Twitter that he was attending a protest in The Hague, so I decided to just show up with our videographer, and try to interview him in the field!

We were able to speak to Wilders for a few minutes, but secured an exclusive one-on-one interview with him as well. Keep your eyes peeled for that video, coming soon. I also did some “streeter” interviews, asking ordinary Dutch people what they think of all this.

That’s what I’m doing. Because I promise you, no mainstream media are doing it. If they mention Wilders at all, it’s only to attack him and denounce him as racist. He’s not; in fact, he’s by far the most popular politician in the Netherlands right now.

If you were to rely on the CBC or other mainstream media, you would think that Wilders is a monster, an extremist, a racist, and horrible man — that’s how they describe him. And so you’d be confused by the fact that he just won an enormous victory in the Netherlands.

You just can’t trust the mainstream media to tell you the truth about controversial things — they always have an agenda.Our motto is “telling the other side of the story”. If you can help defray our costs to do so, please go to www.TheTruthAboutWilders.com to help us crowdfund this journey. 

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  • By Raheel Raza

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