Why is Erin O’Toole going to bat for Justin Trudeau?

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Do you remember Erin O’Toole? Also known as 'Yesterday’s Man' or 'that lying loser who keeps on lying and losing', well, he enriched us all with an essay that was downright inexplicable.

Yes, in Classic O’Toole fashion, this wannabe pithy prose was NOT a gift to last. It is entitled: "(Dis)Ordered Liberty, Notions for the New Year, Part I.”

Oh my God – the worst thing about that title is that it implies there is a Part 2 on the way. Yikes…

Then again, the essay did serve as a Christmas gift of sorts – at least for those Canadians who might’ve forgotten why O’Toole is the former as opposed to the current leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Why 73 out of 118 Conservative MPs voted to oust this dead dog with fleas last February. That’s because O’Toole showed once again – in his own words, no less – how wishy washy and out of touch this guy truly is.

The essay was published in something called Blue Skies… but then again, given that the zombified Erin O’Toole was the author, I began contemplating if I was reading a back issue of Tales From the Crypt

Yeah, too bad Erin O’Toole’s “nobler ambitions” were assassinated by… well, Erin O’Toole himself.

And it’s all still so hard to fathom, isn’t it? After all, the 2021 federal election campaign began with Justin Trudeau enduring two very, very bad weeks on the campaign trail. Meanwhile, Erin O’Toole enjoyed two very good weeks. Suddenly, there was chatter that regime change might be actually occur.

But then, inexplicably, O’Toole and/or his puppet-masters couldn’t hold back their wishy-washy Liberalism any longer. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, O’Toole began flip-flopping on everything from carbon taxes to the gun grab to vaccine mandates. Indeed, this cat did so many backflips in the closing days of the 2021 campaign that every time I saw his milquetoast mug, a certain pop culture marine mammal sprung to mind.

But that was then and this is now, so let’s get back to that mystifying essay. O’Toole’s opening line is this:

“One of the hopes I have for 2023 is to see fewer profanity laden Trudeau flags across Canada.”

And then to double-down on this most curious New Year’s wish he rehashed this statement on Twitter. W-T-F indeed…

For starters, when one produces content, one must understand who comprises the target audience. So it is that when a former Conservative leader comes across as an apologist for Prime Minister Blackface McGroper, who is this essay hoping to curry favour with? The mainstream media? The rank and file of the Liberal Party of Canada? Perhaps Jugmeet Singh? Or maybe Ontario Premier Doug Ford? Or perhaps it’s all of the above, because really, can you tell the difference?

Let’s continue, shall we?

“I say this as the person who ran against Justin Trudeau in the last general election and someone who remains very critical of his record in government.”

Oooh! Very critical of Justin’s record? Good golly, Miss Molly, you don’t think that’s a little bit harsh, do you, Erin? Critical…!

It dithers on:

“But as I told my kids during that national campaign, Mr. Trudeau was my political opponent not my enemy. These flags and the hyper-aggressive rhetoric that often accompanies them are slowly normalizing rage and damaging our democracy. Since so many people that display the flags claim to be conservative, this might also be an appropriate time to tell them that these flags are the very antithesis of what it means to be conservative.”

Um, no, Erin O’Toole – YOU are the very antithesis of what it means to be conservative! Tell your kids that.

Full disclosure here: I’m not a big fan of profanity. You will rarely witness me dropping an F-bomb. If you have a good point to make, it can be made without vulgarity – although I was indeed on the cusp of uttering an F-word or three while reading O’Toole’s gibberish.

But unlike O’Toole, I do not condemn those individuals who brandish 'F Trudeau' flags. The problem is that Erin O’Toole seems to be oblivious when it comes to the concept that is known as cause and effect.

Which is say if this stately gentleman were to put down his mint julep for a second and get off his ricotta cheese candy ass and you know, venture out to protests where the 'F Trudeau' flag is displayed, then maybe he would get an understanding for the lack of decorum in the public square these days.

Maybe then the ever-effeminate Erin would discover the justified cause for their collective anger. Such as people losing their businesses thanks to nonsensical COVID-19 rules. Or people losing their houses. Or people being fired for not getting jabbed by an experimental vaccine. Or people having their democratic rights eclipsed thanks to the federal government employing the Emergencies Act to shutdown a peaceful protest.

But no. O’Toole has no empathy for these people. Rather, he’s more concerned that Justin Trudeau might suffer from hurt feelings when gazing upon these flags.

O’Toole then blathers on about the political divides that exist today in Canada. I’ll spare you that drivel. And then he states the following:

“This is why I believe it is the duty of elected officials to try and bridge these divides as much as possible. On the left and right, it is our duty to resist the pull towards the extremes and to try and focus the political debate on real issues and solutions. I also believe that this public duty is greater for conservative politicians because division and disorder run contrary to the foundational principles of modern conservatism.”

Wow. To see this closet Liberal lecture grassroots Conservatives on so-called “modern conservatism” is a little rich, wouldn’t you say?

And this mealy-mouthed slab of milquetoast wants “political debate on real issues” yet he’s seemingly oblivious to the fact that Justin Trudeau is seeking to shutdown debate via the Internet censorship bill that is C-11.

Indeed, check out this snippet from Ezra Levant’s video a few days back that shows Trudeau for what he is – namely, a censorious thug who is hellbent on shutting down the voices of Canadians.

By the way, nowhere in O’Toole’s awful essay is any mention about what’s really profane. And that would be the egregious behaviour of Justin Trudeau. A man who claims to be all about multiculturalism yet has donned blackface so many times even he can’t remember what the number is. As well, Trudeau claims to be a feminist yet he has zero tolerance for strong women, such as the ethically anchored Jody Wilson Rebault who refused to play illicit games with him regarding the SNC Lavelin scandal. Also on the feminist file, Trudeau is someone who could not resist groping reporter Rose Knight… but then again, she experienced things differently, right?

This is also a prime minister of a western country who in his own words has great admiration for the basic dictatorship of China in terms of, you know, getting things done. Wow… how do you get away with that whopper with cheese?

And perhaps most disturbingly, this is a man who is not beyond violence either. Check out what happened 13 months ago in Toronto when Justin sic’d his Royal Canadian Mounted Henchmen on me:

Yeah, Trudeau’s goon squad decided to physically assault a reporter simply for doing his job. That’s banana republic stuff… although, we don’t grow bananas in Canada so maybe we should call our former great Dominion a maple syrup republic.

But where was the outrage from Erin O’Toole about this grotesque event? Radio silence, friends. Yep, he is far more concerned with 'F Trudeau' flags than members of the independent press being brutalized. Astonishing….

So, the question arise, why is O’Toole going to bat for Justin Trudeau in the first place? I mean, is he getting ready to cross the floor? He’d be far more at home on the Liberal side of the house. Hey, at least then we’d have truth in advertising, as opposed to Erin O’Toole claiming to be a “true blue Conservative” – you remember that lie for the ages… something that ranks right up there with “the cheque is in the mail” and “we’re all in this together.”

Or maybe his support for Justin is because he actually admires the PM’s thuggish and censorious style?

Case in point: I’ll never forget the day before the 2021 election when O’Toole’s last campaign stop took place at an industrial park in Markham, Ontario. Oh, how he welcomed the mainstream media to cover the event that day. But when he saw me and my camerawoman show up, this so-called leader remained in the fetal position for almost an hour in his campaign bus, too terrified to be scrummed by Rebel News. And that was very odd, wouldn’t you say? Because prior to becoming enshrined as leader of the CPC, O’Toole went out of his way to make time for Rebel News reporters.

But check out this video evidence: O’Toole actually enlisted his goons to literally banish us to the road. I’m not kidding – he put us in a dangerous position in a live lane of traffic just so he’d be out of earshot of our questions. Check it out:

By the way, we confirmed later on that O’Toole’s pathetic soy-boy minion, Cory Hann, was lying. You see, that first metre of land on that property stretching from the curb is actually owned by the City of Markham. It is not private property. So it was that Cory Hahn, a world-class a-hole – oh sorry for that offensive language, Mrs. O’Toole – put us in physical jeopardy by forcing us to practice journalism in a live lane of traffic. Shameful.

And yet, the Durham Doofus that is Erin O’Toole is more concerned with 'F Trudeau' flags?

But in a way, maybe, just maybe, perhaps those flags are a bit passe these days. In which case, is there a savvy entrepreneur out there selling… 'F O’Toole' flags? I might buy one of those. Then again, given the absolute irrelevance of Erin O’Toole, perhaps such a flag would simply be a waste of fabric…

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