I’m back from the World Economic Forum, but I’ll be thinking about what I saw for a long time

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I'm back from Switzerland after a whirlwind week at the World Economic Forum, asking the questions the mainstream media wouldn't dare.

They were all there, too, from the major television networks and print mastheads, in their official pavilions and they interviewed many of those we scrummed on the streets of Davos. But these regime journalists wouldn't even think of asking their elite masters any real questions.

Our Rebel News team and a few other independent journalists were the only ones pressing some of the world's most powerful and influential people with questions the public want to know the answers to.

And Elon Musk was spot on when he responded "power to the people" to our coverage on Twitter. Our interview with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has racked up more than 20 million views despite being banned on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Our walking interview with Greta Thunberg showed the world a side of the young climate activist you wouldn't see anywhere else — away from a controlled PR-friendly environment.

We owned the streets and showed that there is a real human interest in what goes on at the exclusive gathering of powerful global elites.

You can see all of the incredible reports from Davos at WEFreports.com — I'm proud of the amazing work our team did.

Throughout it all, the regime journalists chimed in to answer questions on behalf of rich and powerful interview subjects and UAE propagandist Nas Daily even tried to stop us from interviewing his elite buddies altogether.

But our content was incredibly popular, because for years people have felt that Big Pharma and Big Green have never been asked these kind of important questions.

GUEST: Marc Morano discusses climate alarmism at Davos and John Kerry's appearance.

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