With climbing gas prices, Biden won't go to Midland, Texas or Fort McMurray — but he'll go to Riyadh

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

The average gas price in the United States is over five bucks a barrel, a 55% jump year over year.

Summer demand is overtaking what’s left of supply also. And the price of fuel is adding to the cost of everything that has to be moved, cooled, grown, made and stored. So everything.

Walmart is going to have raise prices on items, which will hurt middle and lower-income families and they blame fuel costs. It’s going to hit clothes and food.

And yet still, Biden has not reversed course.  Biden hasn’t restarted that nearly finished pipeline from a friendly neighbour. And even this week, Biden hides from American oil execs as they head to Washington to try to help.

But Biden hiding from all the oil companies he has been demonizing and blaming for his failures as they head to his office to try to formulate a plan to help the desperate American consumer and increase production should come as no surprise.

Biden dodged Alberta premier Jason Kenney when he came to offer help too. I’ve been a Kenney critic, but not on this issue. In 2022 alone, even before the war on Ukraine, Kenney was in Washington thrice to lobby for Alberta’s oil and gas.

First in January, then again in May. Then right now, June. Three times in six months. 

No meeting with Biden. Instead, we get Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who may be in the wrong party. Manchin came to lay eyes on our oil industry for himself, and he liked what he saw.

But Biden? Ol’ Bumblin’ Fumblin’ Biden won't go to Midland Texas and talk to anyone there about what should and could be done to help Americans. Oh, but he will go to Riyadh. Yes, he is headed to meet with the top dogs at OPEC. Although Biden seems confused about it.

It seems like Biden has greater affection for the Saudi Oil industry and Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Kingdom-controlled oil company, that depending on the day, is the world's most profitable company, more so than even Apple. And Biden is going to make sure it stays that way. He is more willing to do business with Aramco than any American or Canadian oil and gas company. Keystone XL was 15,000 jobs he was willing to pass over.

Biden says he will do anything to help Americans, except restart a pipeline.

My only hope is that the pain American families are feeling will be the reality check the public needs. It might be the only good thing in all of this.

Will they finally see how the pursuit of environmental policies at all costs is an economic train wreck? Will this finally be the stake in the heart of the vampire of the big green movement?

Let some good come of all this bad.

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