Clacton, UK residents express concerns over mass immigration on election day, support Farage's efforts

Ezra Levant asks Clacton, UK residents their thought's on today's momentous General Election.

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Rebel News publisher Ezra Levant is on the ground in the United Kingdom on election day as millions of people head to the polls.

Levant asked a number of local Clacton residents  in Nigel Farage's constituency  who they were voting for and what issues matter most to them in this election.

Many of the voters expressed support for the UK Reform party led by Farage, with most pointing to mass immigration as a concern contributing to their vote for Farage.

One man voiced his concerns about illegal immigrants with potential links to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda or al-Shabaab entering the country via boats. "Where's their wives and children? They're not all fleeing war," he said.

Four young men from Clacton, UK said they support Farage's UK Reform party and agree that the current level of immigration is too high.

Levant also spoke with a Labour volunteer about her thoughts on local candidate Javon Owusu-Nepaul reportedly posting controversial comments on social media. Nepaul allegedly previously replied to a post about drinking "white man tears" by saying, “My favourite drink”.

As election stations close across the country, exit polls are pointing to the Labour Party as the winner of the General Election. Rebel News will be on the ground to document the results.

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