Feds build EV chargers that EVs cannot access

'Immigration Holding Centre (IHC), Surrey, British Columbia Charging station was installed at the time of construction of IHC, however, the location is no longer operationally adequate as it is inaccessible to CBSA fleet vehicles.'

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Another charging station, constructed in 2015 at the National Research Council, was only operational for a total of 9 months in 2021 and 2022 before being decommissioned.

The data on the government waste on EV chargers for the tiny federal fleet was made available through an inquiry of ministry by Conservative MP Philip Lawrence.

The feds are on a march toward net-zero for all vehicles in Canada by 2035.

Innovation put in seven stations that have never been turned on, spending $82,500:

"In addition, ISED installed seven charging stations located at the Communications Research Centre Canada on the Shirleys Bay Campus. Due to the ongoing pandemic, ISED did not activate these stations and the total cost of acquisition and installation was $82,500. The department is determining the best timing to activate the stations for fleet vehicle usage as part of planning for a return to the workplace."

Read the documents:


The push for electric cars is part of the Liberals' plan for a green reset. To sign the Rebel News petition against it, please visit www.NoGreenReset.com

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