Feds won't reveal which bureaucrats were paid as influencers during COVID timeframe

Who was getting paid, and how much? We're appealing these redactions.

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We know that Health Canada has been paying influencers to push pro-vaccine pro lockdown messaging.

Blacklock's broke that weird story back in March:

Cabinet yesterday defended attempts by the Department of Health to promote its pandemic image through paid tweets. The department was doing the best it can, said Senator Marc Gold (Que.), Government Representative in the Senate: ‘They are providing information to Canadians to the best of their ability.’

It was so gross. Millionaires, taking tax money, to convince the little guy to comply with lockdowns that could destroy them financially? It is the Kardashification of public health. But what if the influence was coming from paid actors within the government on behalf of some private business?

What if government bureaucrats were being paid to be influencers by private pharmaceutical companies or online retailers to tweet and Instagram about the benefits of lockdowns and online shopping? And because of social media rules, if you questioned the sincerity of the paid talking points, you could be cancelled and banned?

A proactive access to information release published on the federal government's open data website shows public health bureaucrats divulging conflicts of interest during the same approximate timeline as the pandemic lockdowns, but the details about what company hired the bureaucrats, for what sort of promotion, and which bureaucrats were involved in the influencing are redacted.

The release asked for “Any document Health Canada holds to see that civil servants/executives have received amounts of money or various gifts to act as “influencers” for private companies for the last year to January 8, 2021.”

The documents show civil servants repeatedly clearing compensation from private companies to influence the public with their superiors.

But the government won't tell us — the public — who was doing it, how much was paid, what companies were involved or for how long.

We are appealing these redactions. These bureaucrats should not get to use their taxpayer-funded perch and the credibility of being a trusted government source, at least according to social media and the mainstream media, to enrich themselves and hide it from us.

If you can help fund our research and the access to information appeals process, please consider making a donation to our special fund at www.RebelInvestigates.com.




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