Fighting back against COVID-19 fines with The Democracy Fund's Jenna Little

Paralegal Jenna Little provides an update on her team's legal battle against COVID-19 fines.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Jenna Little from The Democracy Fund joined the show to provide an update on the myriad of cases being handled by her team of paralegals.

The Democracy Fund has represented thousands of people who are facing charges stemming from COVID-19 infractions at no cost to them.

Speaking with Little, Ezra said, "You're fighting for the little guy...a lot of these people were low income people, many of them were new Canadians who didn't have a familiarity with our legal system, didn't know what their rights were."

"And by the way, the fines were atrociously large, $5,000+ per person. So you have a family of lets say four, coming into the country, that's $20,000 worth of fines. That's going to destroy a normal family," added Ezra. 

Little replied, "Absolutely. With the surcharge, which is 25%, one of those tickets comes to $6,250 each. And we've had people who've had six kids, eight members of the family total and each person gets a ticket."

"Even one person can't afford a $6,000 fine," she said.

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