lawyer suffers vaccine injury

Unfortunately in the weeks following his first dose of a Pfizer shot, lawyer Derek From suffered 63 per cent hearing loss in one ear, a known potential side effect of the vaccine.

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With the onset of Omicron, increasing COVID-19 infections among the vaccinated, and scientific evidence on naturally immunity being ignored, the vaccine narrative being pushed by public health officials is beginning to crumble.

Many who were onboard with or willing to accept vaccines and vaccine mandates are beginning to question the effectiveness and the ethicality of coercive vaccine regiments. Some are even beginning to seriously regret having been vaccinated.

Despite all of this, government officials have largely been unwilling to reconsider their ideological marriage to vaccines as the only way out of this mess.

Lawyer Derek From, who has been fighting vaccine mandates and is currently representing paramedics and firefighters in a case, joined me to talk about the unscientific and problematic strategies being employed to combat COVID-19 in Canada. We also discussed the shift in public opinion on vaccine mandates that is starting to occur.

Derek also shared that being concerned that he would be unable to attend court and defend his clients, he weighed what he gauged to be a relatively low risk of vaccine injury against his responsibilities to his clients — and reluctantly took one shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

Unfortunately, in the weeks following his vaccination he suffered 63 per cent hearing loss in one ear, a known potential side effect of the vaccine. Derek is a passionate musician with a background in audio-engineering, so this outcome has been tough on him. Ultimately though, Derek is reaffirmed in his principled stance against vaccine mandates and will continue to fight for against government overreach and for medical freedom.

If you think that no one should ever feel coerced into a medical procedure and that vaccine passports must be done away with, consider contributing to our legal challenges at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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