Five adults arrested and charged after not masking at Coquitlam, B.C. bookstore

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Recently, British Columbia dropped its mask mandate. However, for many who filed human rights complaints, received fines, or even charges after being refused service due to shopping without a mask, their ordeal is far from over.

Through your continued support of our Fight the Fines civil liberties campaign, in partnership with the charity The Democracy Fund, Rebel News has taken on five mask related criminal cases.

These five unmasked individuals’ reasons for exemptions were not honoured. All five ended up being arrested and charged, rather than being accommodated as recommended by the BC Human Rights Clinic. One of the five, Bailey Fong, was even charged with assault, though she claims to not have done so.

The RCMP gave us a brief statement regarding the arrests, stating: “The five individuals were arrested and charged with Obstruction and Mischief. The charges have been forwarded to Crown Counsel for consideration.”

We hired an amazing criminal defence lawyer named Mohamed El Rashidy from Rashidy and Associates to defend this group at no cost to any of them.

In this video, you’ll hear the full story from El Rashidy and the unmasked five for yourself.

At Rebel News, we have helped just under 2,000 Canadians fight their tyrannical COVID-19 related fines and in some cases, even their criminal charges. Please help us continue to provide this service to those who need it, by donating what you can at

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