Foreign Affairs refuses to explain subsidy to pro-Russia business group

As tensions mount between the Canadian and Russian governments, Foreign Affairs isn't interested in explaining one subsidy to a business group friendly to Russian interests.

Foreign Affairs refuses to explain subsidy to pro-Russia business group
Vladimir Putin. AP/file
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The contract was meant to “stimulate the engagement of Canadian industry” in Russia.

Independent news site Blacklock's Reporter broke the news Wednesday morning:

Toronto-based Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association received the $23,079 subsidy last April 30 through a CanExport program run by the department’s Trade Commissioner Service. The Association maintains branches in Moscow, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montréal.

The department in a statement at the time said funding was to “stimulate the engagement of Canadian industry” in Russia. “The purpose of this CanExport Association contribution agreement is to support organizations and ultimately aims to increase the competitiveness of Canadian companies in the international marketplace,” it said.

On Tuesday, the Russian government blacklisted Prime Minister Trudeau along with more than 300 other Canadians, including sitting MPs, Tuesday in retaliation for economic and media sanctions against Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Canadian Parliament Tuesday and pled for further assistance for his country in its fight against the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Canadian Radio-television and Communications Commission announced Wednesday that it is removing RT, formerly known as Russia Today, and RT France from its authorized list of non-Canadian programming services and stations.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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