Four members SUSPENDED from Parliament over vaccine passport

That’s 10% of the chamber…

Four members SUSPENDED from Parliament over vaccine passport
PHOTO: Twitter/David Limbrick MP
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Four members of the Legislative Council were suspended after they refused to hand over proof of vaccination.

Victorian Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick was among the four members suspended over the request to disclose private medical information. Other suspended members include Liberal Democrats MP Tim Quilty, and Independent MP Catherine Cumming.



“We've now reached the point where the Government has decided it can dictate which medical procedures someone must have to be a democratic representative,” said David Limbrick, in a comment to Rebel News.

“This is a terrible precedent. Shamefully, it was supported by the Liberal party and many minor parties. I attempted to amend the motion to substitute for universal rapid antigen testing, which would have provided a better way to reduce the chance that COVID19 would have entered Parliament.

“As vaccinated people can also carry and transmit the virus, this suspension will have little effect on workplace safety. Its only real effect will be to remove votes that are in opposition to the Government.”


The Liberal Democrats have campaigned against violations of medical privacy created by Covid policy, including the use of Vaccine Passports and discriminatory health orders.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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