Quebec freedom fighter François Amalega on resisting masking, receiving $98K in COVID fines

Amalega lost his job as a math instructor after speaking out about authoritarian public health policies.

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During the second day of the National Citizens' Inquiry in Quebec City on May 11, we heard testimony from the French freedom fighter, François Amalega. His whole life was disturbed by the pandemic, as he went from a great mathematics teacher to a criminal — as you would assume by the treatment he received from the authorities.

“It is important to know that Quebec has done it, put somebody seven days in prison because they refused to wear the mask,” said Amalega.

Amalega stood up against health measures and political restrictions during the pandemic. Once a math instructor at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal, he finally resigned after being put under huge amounts of pressure from the administration. 

The school suspended Amalega for two weeks for expressing his opinions about government policies on his personal Facebook page. They asked him to remove some of his posts, which he refused, but still was kept under scrutiny. 

For his multiple actions taken against public health measures, Amalega received more than $98,000 in fines.

“I have $98,000 of fine, more than $98,000 of COVID fines. I want [it] to be that I will never pay them. And I said that if I refuse to pay, they would be obliged to to arrest me. And I'm waiting to see the name of the judge who will sign that arrest mandate," he said.

Though he was thrown in jail and has been treated as a criminal, Amalega continues his battle against groomers and the woke movement.

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