Freedom Convoy 2.0 — relax Liberals, we're talking toy trucks this time around

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra's office in Mississauga, Ont. is getting the gift of a miniature convoy this Christmas.

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Honk! Honk!

Check out the delightfully cheeky Instagram video that was recently posted by Brigette Belton. She is organizing an event that could very well be called “Freedom Convoy 2.0: The Mini-Me Edition.”

You see, Brigitte wants thousands of trucks to descend upon Omar Alghabra’s Mississauga, Ont., constituency office. Not real trucks, mind you, but toy trucks.

Thankfully, this will negate a reason for Prime Minister Blackface McGroper to invoke the Emergencies Act, although one cannot take anything for granted these days…

We imagine that Brigette’s strategy is two-fold: to have the toys donated to charity by Alghabra’s staff; and, well, what a creative way to take the piss out of our Right Honourable Minister of Transport!

The other day, we dropped by Alghabra’s office to see how the trucker toy drive was going. Gracious, his staffers reacted with shock and horror and told us to beat it!

How sad, especially since in the spirit of Christmastime giving, we brought along a wee toy tanker truck to pluck under the Christmas tree. Alas, the sight of Rebel News staffers along with an 18-wheeler (albeit a tiny one) triggered Alghabra’s staff so much that they literally slammed the door in our faces!

Bah humbug!

Lesson learned: we understand that some people refer to Minister Alghabra as a “hobgoblin.” We think that’s too kind. “Grinch” is more like it.

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