Freedom Convoy trucker Harold Jonker faces mischief charges for role in protest

A former councillor from West Lincoln, Ontario and owner of the Jonker Trucking Company, Harold Jonker travelled from the Niagara Region to Ottawa to face criminal charges he received following his role in the Freedom Convoy protest.

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Harold Jonker was a local councillor in West Lincoln, Ontario when he travelled to the nation's capital to oppose draconian COVID-19-related restrictions in January of 2022.

About 15 months after the end of the Freedom Convoy, Jonker received word that he would be facing four counts of criminal charges in connection to the trucker protest that took place over one year ago: mischief/obstruct property, one count of intimidation by blocking or obstructing highway and two counts of council and uncommitted indictable offence.

He was suspended without pay for 30 days from his councillor position, and required to pay back gifts he had received during his participation in the anti-mandate protest on Parliament Hill — which included breakfasts, sandwiches and coffee.

On May 1, Jonker turned himself in after he learned that the Ottawa Police Service had a warrant for his arrest relating to the charge of mischief he received in July 2022 for his participation in the Freedom Convoy.

On May 3, he drove drove to Ottawa to provide his fingerprint and start his journey with the legal system. There, a lot of people showed up at the courthouse to support Jonker.

“I'm here today to support Mr. Jonker because he came here with absolute intentions to help Canadians and to help Canadians understand what was happening to them during the convoy,” one of his supporters said.

“He's been an inspiration and such a brave, brave person to show us the way and keep our moral compass going going forward,” another said when asked why they showed up to support Jonker.

Now that he's turned himself in, Harold Jonker's legal fight is only just beginning, and we will follow this story as it continues to unfold.


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