Freeland just became the de facto leader of the #Wexit movement

Right after Chrystia Freeland finished her first speech as Canada's newest Finance Minister, #WEXIT began to trend on Twitter, because we all know: decarbonizing the economy — Freeland’s words — is Liberal shorthand for killing Alberta.

Freeland had a chance to be a unifier, rather than a divider in her first speech to the country after taking Bill Morneau's old job, and I guess she was.

But not in the conventional sense.

Alberta is being left behind in favor of green energy, which is an industry built on constant failures and never-ending subsidies paid out of a pool of money ironically collected disproportionately from the West.

Yesterday, she hardened the resolve of many western separatists, turned soft separatists into full ones, and pushed reluctant ones into the movement.

WATCH the video to hear more about Freeland's job history and to learn more about how her newest plan will lead to more expensive food, pricier electricity and higher taxes.