FULL: Pierre Poilievre slams PM 'This was an emergency that Justin Trudeau created'

'He believes that he can turn Canadians against each other, then they'll forget how miserable life has become after eight years of his tax hikes, inflation and out of control cost of living with costs, crime and corruption raging.'

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Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Pierre Poilievre slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the news today that he was justified in his use of the Emergencies Act by Justice Rouleau, Commissioner of the Public Order Inquiry.

"This was an emergency that Justin Trudeau created by attacking his own population, by driving up their cost of living, by making it impossible for people to pay their bills and live their lives in peace. He caused the emergency that unfolded, and then when he caused it, he piled on. He poured more gasoline on the fire with nasty insults, jabbing his finger in the faces of his own citizens, something that even today's report acknowledged contributed to the length and the intensity of the protest."

Watch the evidence yourself today at http://TrudeauOnTrial.com.

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