'Fully vaccinated' redefined to include THIRD shot in Victoria

Premier flags three shots required with booster soon to be 'not optional'

'Fully vaccinated' redefined to include THIRD shot in Victoria
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews
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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews stands ready to redefine ‘fully-vaccinated’ to include one booster shot.

This is not an option, not an add-on, not a ‘good thing to have’, warned the Premier, in an ominous statement that appears to contradict the Prime Minister’s statement in 2021 that vaccination in Australia is optional.

I think we’re close to a change in policy that will simply reflect the fact that in order to be fully protected you need three doses, not two plus an optional extra.”

The reportedly-imminent change confirms thousands of internet memes and ‘conspiracies’ claiming that the goalposts for ‘fully-vaccinated’ would continue to shift as state premiers and chief health officers update their booster programs.

Australians can line up for their booster shot a mere three months after their second Covid vaccination. Other countries, such as Israel, are up to their fourth shot.
“I think you’ll see very soon, out of national processes, you’ll see the terminology and the recognition of the third dose be crystal clear.”

The definition of ‘fully-vaccinated’ matters, as life in Victoria is governed by a network of vaccine passports that restrict access to goods, services, entertainment, and most crucially of all – employment.

Daniel Andrews refused to rule out booster shots as a requirement for continued employment.

In the likely event that mandatory boosters go ahead, they will begin with aged care, healthcare, disability care, emergency services, correctional facilities, quarantine accommodation, and food distribution

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  • By Avi Yemini

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