Gay comedian's X-rated joke about Jesus causes outrage on TV

During the interview on Australian TV, a comedian made several smutty remarks and sexually suggestive comments, but it was his joke about Jesus that drew the most criticism.

Gay comedian's X-rated joke about Jesus causes outrage on TV
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A gay comedian’s X-rated joke about Jesus broadcast on The Project as caused outrage.

Queer comic Reuben Kaye was talking about criticism he gets for dressing in drag, particularly from religious people, when he suddenly declared, “I love Jesus!”

After pausing for effect, Kaye continued: “I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more.”

Host of The Project Sarah Harris burst into laughter, as did her co-hosts, although Waleed Aly clearly looked unimpressed.

The joke about Jesus was just one of several smutty remarks made in the interview that was peppered with sexual innuendos.

Outraged viewers took to social media to complain that the interview was offensive to Christians and inapprorpriate for the time slot.

An upset parent wrote: “Having to explain the offensive joke to my eight-year-old before Survivor kicked in, thanks legends. Shame on you guys. Have some respect and offer a public apology.”

Another said: “Having to watch this FILTH during dinner time with a young family. You owe the public an apology & furthermore, this horrible program cancelled.”

Dan Foster wrote: “The three nails sick derogatory joke allowed to air on tour show tonight is you giving permission to mock and ridicule Christianity and my Lord and saviour Jesus.”

Kaye is known for his crude humour so producers of The Project would have known that the interview was going to be edgy.

“I want to poke the bear,” Kaye told The Project panel, before immediately making another sexual innuendo about his activities during WorldPride.

Channel Ten have not yet responded to criticism of the interview or removed the offensive remarks from their streaming service where it can still be viewed online.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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