Glenn Beck and Ezra Levant on press freedom, rising antisemitism, and exposing the WEF elites

Speaking about the World Economic Forum (WEF), Levant stated, 'These people cook up policies that are then downloaded into governments without democratic consent.'

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Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant recently appeared on The Glenn Beck Podcast to discuss a wide range of topics including freedom of the press, increasing antisemitism, and this year's World Economic Forum (WEF).

While discussing this year's WEF theme of "rebuilding trust" Levant said, "I think they mean trust in all institutions. Because first of all, who the heck is the World Economic Forum? And who made them god?"

"It's a privately-owned corporation — Klaus Schwab started the thing. You have to buy your way in as I mentioned. Larry Fink of BlackRock is a senior poohbah. Justin Trudeau's deputy — the one who had our reporter arrested — she's on the board of the World Economic Forum. How is that not even a conflict of interest?" he said.

Speaking about the rise in antisemitism and the trepid response from law enforcement, Levant said, "I am worried because the police I believe have been DEI colonized. And prosecutors — I don't know, have they been ordered to stand down or do they believe this is fine?"

"And of course you go from the law school — and we've seen how bad the schools are — you become a young lawyer, then you become a senior lawyer, then you become a prosecutor then you become a judge," he added.

Levant went on to say, "And I'm worried that, the more I study about cultural marxism and critical theory, the more I realize that these are like termites in our cultural foundation."

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