Global governance is incompatible with democracy | Spencer Fernando with Ezra Levant

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for all of his faults, certainly has a vision for Canada. Perhaps it's based on his admiration for China's "basic dictatorship," or perhaps it's based on his idea of Canada as the world's first post-national state. Or maybe it's based on reaching the 2030 Agenda by building back better,” as the United Nations suggests.

These aren't conspiracies, but rather things that the prime minister has said publicly.

Joining Ezra Levant on yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show was independent journalist Spencer Fernando, who had just written a column outlining his issues with Justin Trudeau's approach to governance.

Spencer pointed out how the whole concept of global governance was thoroughly incompatible with democracy as we know it, telling Ezra: 

You can't really have global governance and a democracy, it's really not compatible. A democracy depends on you being able to vote and then — even if you don't win the elections, someone in your country wins. And that person implements policy, and that party implements policy based on what Canadians voted for and what Canadians want. 

So if you have global governance, then democracy kind of becomes a sham. Though you're voting and parties are switching and you've got a new leader, the decisions aren't really being made at the local level. Or even the national level. It's being made somewhere far away by people you don't control and didn't vote for.

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