Government denies that assisted suicide was ever discussed 'inappropriately' with veterans

The claim by the Minister of Veterans Affairs directly contradicts a form letter response provided to members of the public who emailed the department about concerns regarding veterans offered assisted death by caseworkers.

Government denies that assisted suicide was ever discussed 'inappropriately' with veterans
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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The denial was made in an order paper response returned on January 30 to an inquiry of ministry posed by Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant, who asked for details of an investigation into allegations of veterans being offered euthanasia rather than help.

According to the Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay:

"There is no evidence that MAID was ever discussed inappropriately with these veterans or the families by any VAC employee. A thorough and manual deep-dive review was conducted on each instance, including references to medical assistance in dying, file reviews and discussions with VAC employees who potentially had interactions with the veterans. As part of the investigation ordered by the Minister of Veterans Affairs, VAC has also reviewed and analyzed 402,000 unique client files dating back to 2016 across its systems: client service delivery network, GC Case and My VAC Account, as well as correspondence and case notes."

In the form letter response provided to Rebel News by a recipient, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) admits to one termination of a caseworker for inappropriately advising a veteran to access medical assistance in dying (MAID).

"Veterans Affairs Canada recently learned of inappropriate discussions on medical assistance in dying that took place between a departmental employee and Veterans. I take this issue very seriously and deeply regret these unacceptable incidents and the distress they caused. I have directed the Deputy Minister to undertake a full and thorough investigation of the incidents, and steps have been taken to prevent any future occurrence. Veterans Affairs Canada continues to review all available information to ensure the investigation and report are accurate and complete."

"So far, the Department’s investigation indicates that the issue is not widespread or systemic. Rather, it appears to be isolated to a single employee, who is no longer with the Department."

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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