Federal government wants to pay someone to do research studies on 'leisure travel'

They want to know why we travel, where we travel and if we're enjoying ourselves, while absolute mayhem and chaos unfolds in Canada's busiest airport due to cost-cutting layoffs and vaccine firings.

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The Feds are hiring a contractor to complete research studies on Canadians’ habits and satisfaction around leisure travel as airports descend into chaos and wait line mayhem.

Odd priorities.

Pearson Airport in Toronto, Canada’s busiest, has become an international spectacle, described as a hellscape by a high-profile journalist and former NHLer now working for Barstool Sports.

Those Canadians allowed to travel — the vaccinated — are being crammed into a travel purgatory after airports have been forced to pivot to completing tasks normally done in medical labs.

The yet-to-be-identified contractor is to conduct “qualitative” surveys on Canadian travelers. Good luck to them.

According to Blacklock’s the problems in airports go beyond an increase in volume after the pandemic. The Transport Ministry cut funding for airport security as a cost-saving measure.

According to Blacklock’s:

“Almost a quarter of the nation’s airport security screeners were laid off as a pandemic cost savings, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority figures disclosed yesterday. The Authority said contractors were scrambling to rehire staff amid hours-long waits for travellers.”

And instead of doing something about the public relations disaster unfolding in the travel and tourism industry, Destination Canada (DC), the federal agency tasked with promoting Canada as a premium tourism destination is concerned about other things: their greenhouse gas emissions.

“DC requires a Canadian Incorporated Contractor to perform an organizational review, using industry-accepted standards, to measure and monitor the quantity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are produced as a result of its global operations. The Contractor will also provide an immediate, short-term and long-term course of action plan with a proposed timeline over which to reduce emissions in order for DC to reach net-zero emissions.”

Of all the studies and analyses government agencies involved in travel, tourism and transportation have wasted money on, no study was done to prove the efficacy of restrictions on planes and trains. Unless the goal was to make Canadians furious.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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