Governments claim to have heard the people (but won't end mandates)

Below freezing temperatures have not kept attendees at bay the last two weeks, as support continues to grow for a return to normalcy.

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Demonstrators once again gathered on the lawns of Queen’s Park, Ontario's legislature in downtown Toronto, to express their support for the Freedom Convoy as they engage in peaceful, civil disobedience all across Canada in opposition to never ending COVID related Government mandates and restrictions.

The Queen’s Park protest has been happening every Saturday from noon onwards since as early as April 2020, with attendance typically dwindling during the frigid Canadian winter.

Below freezing temperatures have not kept attendees at bay the last two weeks though, as support continues to grow for a return to normalcy with several hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of attendees coming together for an afternoon of mingling and marching.

See, instead of ending vaccine and mask mandates, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced a provincial state of emergency in a continued effort to police his way out of the ongoing protest demonstrations across the province.

Both Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have told the demonstrators that they heard them and that it is time to go home. This, in spite of the fact that they have not ended mandates and instead have opted for heavy enforcement options.

That’s why I hit the streets at Queen’s Park — to get the firsthand opinion of the demonstrators in response to that statement.

The consensus is that the public does not feel heard, by all levels of government — from municipally elected officials, to provincial MPPs and federal MPs. They want to see mandates and restrictions end, as they have in other jurisdictions within Canada and around the world.

The response was that demonstrators say this peaceful standoff between government and the people will go on as long as needed, until the government actually listens and ends mandates.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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