Group of medical professionals urges U of T to reconsider booster mandate

The Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee of the Canadian COVID Care Alliance sent an open letter to the U of T president outlining the harms associated with this nonsensical policy.

Group of medical professionals urges U of T to reconsider booster mandate
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The University of Toronto has decided to arbitrarily enforce booster doses (that is, a third COVID injection) on all staff and students set to live in residence in September of this year.

Noting the insidious nature of such a mandate, David Menzies launched a campaign against forced booster injections at

Adding insult to injury, a growing number of dissidents to this unscientific and potentially harmful policy now includes the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA). They’re a group of over 600 independent medical professionals intent on sharing evidence-based science to empower Canadians.

The Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee has written an open letter to Meric Gertler, the president of the University of Toronto.

In the letter, they address several concerns raised by mandating “COVID-19 genetic vaccines for those wishing to live in campus residence this fall,” and urge Gertler to reconsider the imposition of this policy.

Citing discriminatory practice, the CCCA informs Gertler that “the welfare of those who forego COVID -19 vaccinations must be accorded the same value as those who cede to them without undue coercion, segregation or stigma.”

Noting that the novel injections are “short-acting therapeutic medications that are still undergoing phase 3 clinical trials,” the letter further demands it is each individual's right to refuse COVID-19 medication deemed to be potentially personally harmful through a risk-benefit analysis. “This is a cornerstone of biomedical research ethics, bodily autonomy, and informed consent,” it reiterates.

The letter outlines the known (to-date) risks by telling Gertler that this policy “ignores the risks of injury, disability and potential death that COVID-19 genetic vaccines pose to the age demographic of university students."

These include:

• 1 in 5,000 risk of symptomatic myocarditis or pericarditis in males under 24 years of age following both the second and subsequent injection of the mRNA-based vaccines;

• A wide spectrum of documented thromboembolic events, neurological complications, and autoimmune conditions following inoculations with COVID-19 genetic vaccines;

• 1 in 3,000 risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome with the COVID-19 adenovirus vaccines; and

• Long-term uncertainty related to repeated COVID-19 vaccinations on fertility as reflected by documented menstrual irregularities in nearly 1 in 2 women, and transient decreases in sperm count and motility in men.”

The mandate seems peculiar considering a mere few months ago, the Faculty of Law at U of T  hosted a seminar to discuss the “Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: Why they Cause More Harm Than Good.”

The commentators discussed the harm of mandates in four main pillars: 1) behavioural psychology, 2) politics and law, 3) socioeconomics and 4) the integrity of science and public health.

Mr. Gertler should consider consulting with his own Law Faculty, and the commentators from that session, before imposing the booster mandate.

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