Guilbeault says the quiet part out loud: 'I’m a proud socialist'

In April, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault told CTV News the carbon tax is a wealth redistribution scheme, where the 'richest among us' pay more. '[That’s] exactly how the system was designed,' he said. 

Guilbeault says the quiet part out loud: 'I’m a proud socialist'
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Ottawa’s climate czar proudly acknowledged his affinity for socialism during Parliamentary debate on the infamous carbon tax.

"I'm a Liberal and a proud socialist," Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault told MPs in response to a question from Conservative MP Ted Falk. "This reminds me of a certain quote from Prime Minister Harper who talked about the fight against climate change as a socialist plot," he added. 

"They [Conservatives] do not believe that climate change is an issue. They do not believe we should do anything about it."

Socialism, where the government controls the means of production, is regarded by Marxists as a stepping-stone toward the abolition of all private property.

"After eight years, we now have the socialists, the separatists, and this prime minister who's just not worth the cost," said Falk. "They're all part of this costly carbon tax coalition that is leaving Canadians out in the cold."

On November 6, the governing Liberal Party and Québec nationalist Bloc Québécois voted against a Conservative motion to expand carbon tax carve-outs to include all forms of home heating. They defeated the motion handedly by a vote of 186 to 135 — the second defeated carbon tax motion in as many months.

The most recent Conservative motion targeted the "regional favouritism" of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s three-year pause on home heating oil in Atlantic Canada. Trudeau announced the pause October 26 with support of the NDP, who later sided with the Conservatives to provide relief for Canadians this winter.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh admitted the program "divides the country."

Former Liberal MP Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, previously called Guilbeault a "Marxist" during a recent interview with The Post Millennial. "[...] there’s no doubt from his comments and reputation – and anybody who’s done a bit of research on this man will quickly come to this conclusion," he said.

McTeague claimed the minister is "the last person we should have in Parliament, much less as a minister."

Over the past year, Trudeau’s climate czar has repeatedly justified carbon tax hikes despite rising cost-of-living concerns. 

In April, Guilbeault told CTV News the carbon tax is a wealth redistribution scheme, where the "richest among us" pay more. "[That’s] exactly how the system was designed," he said. 

"When you look at the details, the better-off Canadians, richer Canadians, in the jurisdictions where the federal pricing system is being applied, will pay thousands of dollars more in carbon pricing," added the climate czar.

Guilbeault also told Canadians that paying more tax will save Canada from incurring costs for natural disasters worsened by 'climate change.'

"When we talk about the cost of measures to address climate change, we have to realize that Canadians are paying a very high price tag for the impacts of climate change," he said September 13.

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