Guilbeault will not release alleged ‘pro-carbon tax’ letters he received from Canadians

The federal climate czar claimed that Jill from Regina and ‘Bob, a teacher’ sent him thank-you notes for increasing the tax annually since 2019.

Guilbeault will not release alleged ‘pro-carbon tax’ letters he received from Canadians
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Environment Canada will not release letters to the public that supposedly favoured the carbon tax, according to Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault.

The climate czar claimed that Jill from Regina and “Bob, a teacher” sent him thank-you notes for increasing the tax annually since 2019.

However, Conservative MP Dan Mazier questioned “ever receiving a piece of carbon tax fan mail from a Canadian,” reported Blacklock’s Reporter.

“It’s interesting to see Minister Guilbeault only found two people in all of Canada who sent him fan mail on his costly carbon tax,” he said. “I’d be curious to hear how many thousands of letters he receives from Canadians who oppose his costly carbon tax.”

Guilbeault claimed in the House that “Jill lives in the riding of the Member for Regina-Qu’Appelle” and “does not want the carbon pricing rebate to go away.” 

“Bob, a teacher, also wrote to us,” he added. “Bob told us that he is making more money with the carbon pricing rebate than if there were no rebate.”

The Minister’s office has yet to provide copies of the correspondence with appropriate Privacy Act redactions. 

On October 19, Mazier told the House of Commons that “Canadians cannot afford to drive their cars or heat their homes.” 

Then-Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson in a 2021 interview with TV Ontario acknowledged the carbon tax meant higher net costs for fuel, reported Blacklock’s Reporter.

“Politicians have an obligation to the public to tell them the straight goods,” said Wilkinson. “And if they have a disagreement, that’s fine, but let’s be serious and let’s be real about the facts.”

In July 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published a report to justify the carbon tax, stating that “bold policy ambition and decisive political leadership to signal that business-as-usual is no longer viable.”

Six months later, the federal government announced their intent to significantly raise the carbon tax. Annual increases of $15 per tonne are expected until 2030 when the tax costs Canadians $170 per tonne.

Liberal ties to the WEF deepened after Canada gave the globalist entity half-a-million dollars to produce the favourable carbon tax report.

Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis received a response to her August 2019 order paper question last month, learning that Environment Minister Catherine McKenna gave the WER $493,937 in taxpayer dues to “make an economic case for their […] ever-increasing carbon tax.”

As first reported by The Counter Signal, Environment Canada funded the WEF “to produce and disseminate a report that will establish the business and economic case for safeguarding nature.” 

“This report will be directed at senior decision makers in governments and businesses who have the influence and ability to shift business-as-usual approach,” they said.

The globalist entity urged governments to “use their fiscal recovery programmes to reset the economy on more resilient, equitable, and sustainable terms.”

The Parliamentary Budget Office in a March 24, 2022 report A Distributional Analysis Of Federal Carbon Pricing acknowledged that most Canadian households pay more into the carbon tax program than they receive in rebates.

“Most households will see a net loss,” said the report. The carbon tax carried a “negative economic impact” for a majority of Canadians, it said.

According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the adoption of the carbon tax policy was “based on international best practices” that inspired a Canadians action plan to reduce emissions. 

“[We] propose to strengthen Canada’s approach to reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by establishing new targets and associated regulations for 2030 and 2035, based on international best practices,” reads a then government statement.

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