The David Menzies Special

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Today is David Menzies' birthday!

I didn't know that until today. In fact, there is a lot about our beloved Menzoid that was a mystery to me. And I know that our viewers feel the same way. He's a fan favourite. People are very interested in what David is up to. When I am out on the streets covering the news in Alberta, people are always asking me about whether David Menzies won his battle with the Ontario booze monopoly, if he ever got his stolen bottle of scotch and how his dispute with Brampton mayor Patrick Brown resolved itself.

My friend David Menzies is one of the most requested guests for the show and yet, in the six years since we launched the Gunn Show, he has not made an appearance.

That glaring failure by me is rectified today.

The birthday boy sat down with me last week to answer the tough questions we want answers to: What would he be doing if he weren't a Rebel News mission specialist? What was his favourite story? And how did he end up at Rebel News anyway?

I learned a lot about David. You will too!

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