Robbie Picard on the convoy protests and the hypocrisy of the politicians and the environmental left

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For years, environmental protests have crippled the Canadian economy, withered the nation's potential, chased away Canadian jobs and made Canada a less than an investment-friendly place.

But that was all free speech. At least that's what politicians like Justin Trudeau told us. The protesters who blocked railway tracks and set fires on the lines because they opposed a safe, job-creating Northern BC pipeline? All peaceful, they told us. The cops protected the protests. They didn't break them up, rather they acted as security for them.

But now, when the people on the right as part of the Convoy to Ottawa are using some of the same protest tools the left has been using for decades, suddenly obstructing infrastructure and inconveniencing the public has been labelled economic terrorism. Free speech? Not a chance!

Try to make a tone-deaf government listen to you after two years of having your rights stomped on and you will be treated like someone who provides material support to Al-Qaeda; your bank accounts and personal property can be seized and you can be criminally charged.

Do these politicians think we are all hard of remembering? We know how they treated the riotous BLM. The Liberals gave them grants AFTER THE AMERICAN RIOTS spawned by BLM protests. We know how they treated the rail blockaders — with kid gloves and kindness.

Joining me tonight to discuss this outrageous hypocrisy is someone who has been dealing with the radical environmental left for years: Robbie Picard from Oilsands Strong.

Follow Robbie on Twitter at @PicardRobbie.

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