Teck Frontier mine cancelled: How this national catastrophe will harm the First Nations who supported it

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The cancellation of the Teck Frontier oilsands mine was a national catastrophe.

The proposed mine went through 10 years of intense consultations and regulatory hearings, and sought and gained agreements with 14 of 14 First Nations groups touched by the project. Frontier met and exceeded every single requirement laid out to receive the final approval needed to begin construction from the Federal Liberal cabinet.

However, at the 11th hour, Teck cancelled the project citing the unstable political climate in Canada, withdrawing the 7000 construction jobs and $70 billion in government revenue the $21 billion project would create over its lifespan.

What does the cancellation of the Frontier mine mean at ground zero of the oilsands in Fort Mac and what does the future look like now for First Nations communities who saw this project as a way to prosperity?

Joining me tonight to discuss these questions and the Coastal Gas Link inspired rail blockades is Robbie Picard from Oilsands Strong.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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