Hanson: Victorian Liberals need to stop drifting to the left

One Nation leader slams weakened Victorian Liberals, saying they need to get back to representing the conservative values of its voters.

Hanson: Victorian Liberals need to stop drifting to the left
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Pauline Hanson has demanded Victorian Liberals “stop drifting to the left” of politics.

Senator Hanson made the remarks as One Nation’s first Victorian MP was sworn in at the opening of the state’s 60th parliament.

Hanson was scathing of the Liberals, telling reporters they had failed at the ballot box because they did not espouse traditional conservative values.

“The Libs need to stop drifting to the left. You’ve got enough lefties in this state,” she said.

“Let’s get back to the conservative side of politics and start representing the people with those conservative politics. That’s what’s missing.

“We need to have that balance. If you don’t have the balance, you don’t have the debate, and if you don’t have the debate, you can’t find the clear policies that are actually going to drive Victoria.

“You need to have a difference of opinion. That’s when you will get good policy outcomes for the people of Australia.”

Hanson, who said Victoria’s financial situation was in “dire straits”, saved her biggest criticism for former Liberal leader Matthew Guy whom she said made no impression at all on voters.

“They’ve lost their conservative values and that’s happening in federal (politics) as well. I’m hoping that Peter Dutton will pull it back.”

New Liberal leader John Pesutto promised to work with the government.

“We know that democracies flourish when people’s confidence in people who occupy public office is improved and enhanced,” he said.

“We will be able to do the people watching us proud and show that parliament can apply proper scrutiny.”


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  • By Avi Yemini

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