HAPPENING NOW: Protesters, counter-protesters gather for rally against radical gender ideology

A pair of activists and their supporters who oppose gender ideology being forced on kids in school are being met by black-clad Antifa counter-protesters at a demonstration in Ottawa.

HAPPENING NOW: Protesters, counter-protesters gather for rally against radical gender ideology
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Protesters for and against gender ideology being taught in Canadian schools are gathered in Ottawa today, with “Billboard Chris” Elston and teen activist Josh Alexander hosting a rally in the nation's capital.

Billed as the “Education Over Indoctrination” rally, Elston and Alexander are planning a march not far from the city's downtown core. In response, counter-protesters, which received support from the government-funded Canadian Anti-Hate Network, are hosting a counter-protest dubbed “Drown Out Hate”.

Rebel News is on the ground in Ottawa covering the events as they happen. Follow along for updates below.

Before both groups arrived, counter-protesters had written a number of messages on the sidewalk in chalk. “Trans kids are joy,” read one message. “No TERFs on my turf,” says another. The term “TERF” is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist, a derogatory term used by those on the far-left to insult women who are unsupportive of radical trans ideology.

A large group of counter-protesters, some wearing the popular all black attire of Antifa and carrying various rainbow flags, formed to block an intersection where Elston, Alexander and their supporters plan to march.

In footage captured by the Counter Signal, Muslim parents can be seen standing behind children stomping on miniature Progress Pride flags.

The scene when young activist Josh Alexander and his Save Canada group arrived was chaotic, with Ottawa police officers acting as a buffer between the groups.

Rebel News also caught footage of one black-clad demonstrator being detained by Ottawa police, who themselves announced five arrests at the rally so far.

True North contributor Rupa Subramanya spoke to a pair of Muslim women at the demonstration, who told her they came to the protest because “they're against this whole thing that is going on in school. They're teaching our children that a guy with a guy is OK, that a girl with a girl is OK. It's not about religion anymore, it's about our kids now. Our kids are learning stuff they're not supposed to be learning at this age,” she said.

Jordan Peterson weighed in on the demonstration, describing crowd supportive of masking and radical gender education as “malignant narcissism” and “virtue-signalling (totalitarians).”

Demonstrating why Rebel News crowdfunds security to cover these protests safelyTrue North's Harrison Faulkner was surrounded by Antifa counter-protesters.

One of the event's featured attendees, “Billboard Chris” managed to slip past the blockading counter-protesters. Responding to one of the chalk messages written in advance, on the driveway of a home flying a Pride flag, the activist remarked: “(Children are) threatened by exposure to a chemical castration drug and cross-sex hormones which leave them sterilized and they're threatened by surgeries on children which leave them mutilated for the rest of their life.”

He estimated about 300 counter-protesters and 70 police were at the event.

Fellow headliner Josh Alexander spoke with reporters covering the demonstration. Alexander said he planned to hand out Bibles near the school.


Stay tuned for a full-length report from the protest in the coming days, and, if you can, help keep our team safe by making a donation at JournalistDefenceFund.com.

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