Health Canada spent $7,825 on chicken nugget Salmonella awareness

Health Canada spent $7,825 on chicken nugget Salmonella awareness
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Health Canada spent more than $19,000 on social media videos encouraging the use of multiple cutting boards in food preparation, and nearly $8,000 on chicken nugget safety.

The documents were provided in response to an order paper question submitted on February 5, 2020 by Conservative Party MP Dean Allison (Niagara West).

Here's what Allison asked:

With regard to videos produced by the government for public distribution, since January 1, 2019: (a) what are the details of all such videos, including (i) date, (ii) duration, (iii) title, (iv) purpose, (v) intended audience; (b) for each video, what were the total expenditures, broken down by type of expense; and (c) through which Internet sites, social media platforms, television stations, or streaming sites was each video distributed?

A list of hundreds of social media videos were returned.

Danger: Chicken Nuggets

Health Canada produced both an English and French version of a 15 second video meant to “increase awareness of the risk of Salmonella exposure associated with frozen raw breaded chicken products.”

The video was aimed at parents and young adults and was produced by an “external supplier” in order to be placed as an advertisement on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Total cost: $7,825.

Cutting Boards: Buy Two

In order to “increase knowledge and awareness of the health risks associated with unsafe food handling practices, and how to mitigate those risks”, two video advertisements were produced in both French and English to address cutting board safety.

One video was titled “BBQ chicken" in English, and the other asked: “How many cutting boards do you need?”

The videos were produced by an “external supplier” and cost $19,425. The videos were used as ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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