Help fight back! Calgary's mayor is using bylaws against her political opponents

Just like with, registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund will be helping protesters charged in Calgary under Mayor Jyoti Gondek's plan to enforce a harassment bylaw on protests she disagrees with.

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Calgary's mayor, Jyoti Gondek, is trying to criminalize peaceful public protests against drag queen story events. Rebel News is fighting back against Gondek's censorship tickets, but we need your help to do it.

Staunch progressive Gondek has said she will use the city's anti-harassment bylaw to ticket people who express their discontent with all ages drag shows after a drag queen figure skating event at the city-managed Olympic Plaza was cancelled by organizers after public outcry.

This the what they do in Hong Kong, not a place that cares about civil liberties in the passionate way that Calgary does. Calgary's overly broad and purposely vague harassment bylaw enables peace officers to issue $500 fines to those who "could" cause "offence" or "humiliation" to others on the basis of:

  • race/colour/ancestry/place of origin
  • religious beliefs
  • disability
  • age
  • marital status
  • source of income
  • family status
  • gender/gender identity/gender expression
  • sexual orientation.

The mere potential to cause hurt feelings is enough to send a bylaw officer after you with his ticket book.

The new censorship law has never been invoked to prevent Antifa from targeting churches or pro-life events. Instead, it's being weaponized to silence dissent and opposition to causes the mayor likes, and she is using the financial punishment of expensive bylaw tickets to intimidate contrarian Calgarians.

It's absolutely authoritarian.

Rebel News supports the rights of peaceful protesters and the freedom to oppose government decisions in the public square. It's not just a Charter right, but a human right essential to a healthy, functioning democracy.

In partnership with registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund, we are fighting Gondek's social credit tickets the way we helped people fight their COVID lockdown tickets: in court with a good lawyer at no cost to those who received them.

If you receive a censorship ticket for peacefully protesting in Calgary under the new harassment bylaw, please fill out the intake form at

And if you want to help fund the legal fights of those ticketed by Gondek for protesting her progressive causes, visit to make a tax-deductible donation to The Democracy Fund.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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