Highlights from the Conservative Convention: Unity, Policies, and Future Outlook

The Conservative Convention unfolded over three days in Quebec City, a picturesque and historic location for the gathering. During these three days, there were speeches, debates, votes, deliberations, networking, and more.

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On the third and final day of the convention, attendees gathered in the morning to vote on constitutional amendments. In the afternoon, the focus shifted to policy debates and votes.

This convention brought people from across Canada together to unite their perspectives and vote on important issues related to national defence, foreign interference, agriculture, the protection of children, and other societal challenges.

But what did the attendees think about the decisions made so far? Are they satisfied?

One person mentioned, "We're listening to Canadians, I think we're hearing what Canadians want. Many of our policies and amendments reflect that, demonstrating to Canadians that we're prepared to govern."

Another participant added, "I believe the party has matured significantly. As you noticed, every resolution passed, not only by the majority but also by every region in our double majority system. There's a remarkable sense of solidarity and unity within the party in support of these constitutional amendments."

But what do people think will resonate most with Canadians after these three days of the convention? Do they anticipate a positive or perhaps a negative impact?

"Well, the unity of the party from coast to coast, rallying behind our leader and our mission to elect our caucus from coast to coast, positions every single Canadian, especially our seniors and young Canadians, and anyone looking to buy a home. We need to implement significant structural changes to make homes more affordable in this country," commented one of the attendees regarding the prevailing sentiment from this Conservative convention.

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