Hospice evicted after refusing to kill their palliative care patients in British Columbia

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Under the John Horgan government, British Columbia’s Delta Hospice Society has lost its battle against the Fraser Health Authority to be allowed to continue to operate its 10 bed palliative care hospice without providing medical assistance in dying (MAID).

In my first report on this hostile hospice takeover, the Society’s president, Angelina Ireland, described the legal battle and government demands regarding the hospice as stone cold communism. Now it’s clear, with these recent totalitarian actions at the hands of our government, she made a good case.

As if snatching away $1.5 million of the Society’s funding in an effort to coerce its board members to conform to the government's belief that their small hospice must take a more active role in ending the lives of their residents wasn’t bad enough. Now, Fraser Health Authority has evicted the Society altogether, which has resulted in clinical staff members having to be laid off during a time of global economic crisis.

The society’s belief is that since MAID is available elsewhere in the community (including at a hospital across the street from them), they should be allowed to care for residents who wish to live their last days in a MAID free environment. This is totally in alignment with the concept of palliative care.

Both the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, and the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians, have pointed out that the mainstream media continues to “conflate and thus misrepresent” the fundamental differences between MAID and hospice palliative care. The truth is that “MAID is not part of hospice palliative care; it is not an ‘extension’ of palliative care nor is it one of the tools ‘in the palliative care basket,'” according to the Patients Rights Action Fund.

So why does Fraser Health Authority have to take over this hospice in such a manner?

Become a member of the Delta Hospice Society for only $10, if you’d like to contribute to their new fight to provide a safe hospice sanctuary for those who wish to live their last days in a palliative care only facility.

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