How did people feel about the UCP Leadership Race?

Rebel News asked Albertans about their issues and feelings during the UCP Leadership race and who they were anticipating would win.

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Rebel News attended the UCP Leadership Race announcement in Calgary, Alberta on Thursday, October 6. The room was full of anticipation as Albertans had been eagerly waiting for a new leader - specifically, an individual that will put the values of the people ahead of the values of any globalist agendas. 

Earlier this year, Premier Jason Kenney announced that he would step down after receiving 51.4 percent approval rate in a leadership review. Kenney felt that this was not enough support for him to remain in power and therefore called for a new leader to take his position. 

Travis Toews, Danielle Smith, Brian Jean, Rebecca Schulz, Todd Loewen, Rajan Sawhney and Leela Aheer were all in the race as the new leader of the UCP. 

A number of these candidates stood on the admiring platform of creating a province which has more freedom for bodily autonomy and the protection of human rights that have been infringed upon these last two years. 

The most outstanding proposal put forth was the Alberta Sovereignty Act by Danielle Smith, sparking outrage amongst mainstream media and current leaders such as Rachel Notley, the head of the Alberta NDP and even Jason Kenney himself. 

This act would allow the province to refuse any federal laws or policies “that violate the jurisdictional rights of Alberta” under the Constitution of Canada or Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This would allow Alberta to govern itself much like Quebec. Despite criticism from some public figures, Smith says that "tens of thousands of Albertans have embraced the idea of the Alberta Sovereignty Act, and many more are open to learning more about how it could be practically and effectively deployed.” 

After many months of fiery debates and the eagerness of Albertans to have a new leader, we finally reached that day. 

I took some time to walk around the venue where the leadership announcement was being held to get some insight from people on how they have been feeling and hear from them on who they want to win. I wasn't surprised to hear the mass support for Danielle Smith as citizens are looking for someone who will make sure Albertans are put first and Ottawa gets a boot out of our God and oil loving province.

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